Average dollar amount of financial aid received by eligible families.


Percentage of MLS families who received financial aid.

We make it easy to apply for financial aid. There is a single process for all sources of aid.


Messiah Lutheran School provides tuition assistance for every family who demonstrates financial need. All financial aid is based on the need or financial status of the student’s family, the number of qualifying requests received and the amount of financial aid funds that are available for a given school year.


  • LESA Building Blocks
  • MO District Financial Assistance Program
  • School Budget

PROCESS (January – May)

    1. A student must be officially enrolled at Messiah, including payment of the enrollment fee before applying for tuition assistance.
    2. Messiah uses an outside agency called TADS to collect application information and determine need. Please Read the TADS Financial Aid Introduction Letter
    3. The TADS Online Financial Aid Application is available each year in January. The deadline is April 1. Please complete the worksheet and then the application using the buttons below: 

Click here to apply at tads.comClick here to apply at tads.com

TADS charges a $35 application fee.

Application includes the submission of your tax returns and W-2 forms in addition to other documentation.  Any applications that are submitted and/or verified by TADS after the deadline (late applications) will be considered for awards only if funds remain after the initial, May awards are made.

4. In May, Messiah will receive the results from TADS & all funding sources and calculate the total financial aid package for qualifying families.


  • Total family income
  • Family income after core expenses
  • Total family tuition amount (includes Lutheran High tuition)


Building Blocks is one of the financial aid sources that Messiah uses for your total financial aid package.  Their criteria is provided below to give you a general sense of eligibility.  Keep in mind that Building Blocks is only one of the potential sources for financial aid.

  • Families who pay a collective minimum of 10% of their adjusted gross income in Lutheran elementary school K-8 tuition (as reported on the prior year’s federal tax forms)
  • Therefore, if your household adjusted gross income (AGI) is $50,000, and your tuition responsibility for your children is at least $5,000, your children would receive assistance from Building Blocks.
  • All eligible students are ranked in order of need (highest to lowest, based on this ratio created from dividing the tuition responsibility by the AGI), and a rubric is used to award funding.
  • Building Blocks is funded through earnings from a scholarship endowment and the fundraising efforts of LESA; as a result, the rubric changes each year, as the amount of funds we have available and the number of eligible students changes each year.
  • Also, families with extenuating circumstances may be considered by the committee if they are within one or two percentage points of the 10% ratio.

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