Hot Lunch Balances & Policy

Use RenWeb to check your lunch balance and add money to your account.

There is one lunch account per family. You can check your itemized lunch bill via the RebWeb site. It will show which student purchased each item.

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À La Carte Menu (Available Daily)

  • Cups of Water: FREE
  • Small Water Bottle: $0.60
  • Large Water Bottle: $1.00
  • Gatorade: $1.45
  • Capri Sun $0.95
  • Dole Fruit Drinks: TBD
  • Skim/1% Milk: $0.18
  • Choc/Strawberry Milk: $0.20
  • Cookies: $1.25
  • Fruit Snacks: TBD
  • Brownie : $0.75

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