Accommodating Students With Unique Learning Styles & Potential

Messiah utilizes multi-level instruction, providing adaptations and modifications for both struggling students and those exceeding curricular expectations.  

  • We partner with our local school districts and the Lutheran Association for Special Education to provide part-time staff and extra expertise when needed.
  • For those students who excel in academics and seek additional challenging work, we offer Scholar Bowl and Robotics Teams.

Reporting Progress to Parents and/or Caregivers

All grade levels use a system of report cards, progress reports, parent-teacher conferences, formal and informal meetings with parents, and weekly newsletters to communicate academic progress with families.  In addition, we offer parents access to Edu Connect, an online program that allows access to student grades and other information.

We have found that the most important practice for communicating academic and overall progress is regular personal or phone contact with our families.  Teachers at Messiah are intentional in building relationships with students, parents, and families.

If you have questions about Messiah meeting the unique needs of your child, please do not hesitate to arrange a meeting with our administrative team to discuss your particular needs. 

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