Learning expectations for schools are profoundly different today than even a decade ago.  Schools must be hotbeds of creativity, imagination & innovation.  Key to success is the investment of time, thought, energy and resources toward desired educational outcomes.

Predominant Teaching Methods

Each teacher utilizes the gifts God has given them to positively affect their classroom methods and includes a variety of approaches in their instruction.  Students are provided opportunities for hands-on learning that includes, but is not limited to exploratory learning, manipulatives and technology exploration.  Teachers use direct and indirect instruction, cooperative learning, and small group learning to engage students and differentiate instruction.

Christian Faith in Educating

Our Christian faith is woven through all classroom discussions, materials, activities, and serves as the foundation for learning.  Teachers have access to materials available through LEA, the Lutheran School Portal, and Missouri District.  Many teachers use materials from Concordia Publishing House, Creative Communications for the Parish, and other Christian-based publishers for classroom instructional materials.  For example, many classrooms utilize an Advent wreath in preparations for Christmas, along with other items that coordinate with different times of the church year. Additionally, unplanned “teachable moments” occur throughout the school day that allow the teachers to communicate their faith either individually, in small groups, or with the entire class.




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