Extended Care Parent Information

Messiah Lutheran School is pleased to offer Extended Care as part of our ministry to families. Our Extended Care program is available before and after school Monday – Friday for an additional fee. Under supervision, students are encouraged to work on homework, play games and play outside, weather permitting. Extended Care is located in the lower level of the school in The Square for Elementary students and Early Childhood classrooms for Preschool/Pre-K students.

Hours of Operation

  • Morning session: 6:30 am-8:15 am
  • Afternoon session: 3:15 pm-6:00 pm
  • Extended care is not offered on ½ days or when school is not in session.

Any child at school prior to 8:10 am or after 3:30 pm (3:15 pm for Early Childhood) will be automatically enrolled in Extended Care, and appropriate charges will be made. Any child who is participating in an extra-curricular activity and is not picked up 15 minutes after the activity will be automatically enrolled in Extended Care (during open hours), and appropriate charges will be made.


The fee for Extended Care use is $5.00/hour per student.

Children not picked up by 6:00 pm will be charged $3.00 per child for each 5 minute period thereafter.

If a child is not picked up by 6:15 pm, the parents/emergency contacts on the child’s enrollment form will be called. If no contact can be made to parents or an emergency contact has not been reached by 6:30 pm, the police and the Department of Health may be notified that the child has not been picked up, so they can assist in locating the parents.

All billing and payments for will be handled through RenWeb.

Drop Off and Pick Up

All parents with a child enrolled in Extended Care will receive a code for use at the double doors in the lower level of our building next to the Early Childhood playground. The code is FOR ADULT USE ONLY; it is not to be shared with any students. Parents must escort their child into Extended Care in the morning, and come inside to pick them up in the afternoon. A child will only be released to those persons listed on the student’s enrollment information. Anyone picking up a child from Extended Care should come with their ID ready to be checked by an Extended Care staff member.

Daily Snack

A small snack along with water will be provided by Extended Care every day. If a child needs a different snack due to medical needs, please contact the Extended Care Director.

Student Belongings

It is a student’s responsibility to keep their belongings together and accounted for. Every effort will be made by Extended Care staff to keep things in an orderly fashion. Students will not be allowed to return to classrooms or other areas of the building if they have forgotten something. Toys from home should not be brought to school. If an item is brought for show and share or for a project, that must remain in a student’s backpack while in Extended Care.

Please LABEL ALL PERSONAL ITEMS for your child!

Illness, Injury, and Medication

The Extended Care program follows all of the illness and medical requirements of Messiah Lutheran School. If an illness occurs while in Extended Care, the child will be isolated from the other students and parents or emergency contacts will be notified to pick up their child within one hour. A child may not return to Extended Care until they are symptom free for 24 hours. (See School Handbook- School Times section.)

If a child receives an injury while in Extended Care, basic first aid will be given. This includes washing with soap and water, Band-Aids, and/or an ice pack. Parents will be notified if medical care was given. If a larger injury occurs, the parent or emergency contacts will be notified as soon as deemed necessary.

Medication use is outlined in the Messiah Lutheran School Handbook- Medication section. Medication will not be given to any student during Extended Care unless a life threatening condition requires immediate attention (inhalers or Epi-pens) with written orders from the child’s doctor along with proper dosing and use instructions.

Behavior Management

All students attending Extended Care will be expected to follow the same behavior guidelines and rules as during the school day. Messiah Lutheran School does not think of discipline as punishment, but rather teaches self-control and having a Christian attitude in order to maintain controlled and effective care and learning. We all sin and are in need of forgiveness. Behavior management in Extended Care will seek to redirect hurtful behavior and teach children to respect the rights of others, get along with others, and to respect authority.

All students are expected to:

  • Use appropriate language, actions and words to others.
  • Respect all staff members of Messiah Lutheran Church and School.
  • Take care and pride in the school building and facilities.
  • Use toys, equipment, and materials in the school appropriately.

Procedures dealing with misbehavior:

  • Behavior management techniques such as problem solving, redirecting a student to an appropriate behavior, or removal from an activity will be used first.
  • If behavior continues, parents will be notified and a Behavior Report may be sent home.
  • If the situation does not improve, the student, parents, and Extended Care Director will consult with the Principal. The Principal will provide counsel and disciplinary action.
  • Further action after meeting with the Principal may include removal from the Extended Care program.

The administration may take disciplinary action of events that occur within school premises if the student’s behavior deters from the Messiah Lutheran School’s educational program and/or climate. (See School Handbook Discipline section)


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