Preschool (3 year olds)

What’s special about this grade (projects, activities)?
Preschool is typically a child’s first experience in “school”.  Social interactions, play-based learning, and lots of music and games provide the majority of the content where all academic subjects are included.

What type of development typically occurs in this grade?
Preschoolers grow so much – spiritually, socially, academically, and physically!  Throughout the school year we work on self-regulation, executive functioning, and so much more that provides the foundation for later success in early primary grades.
Character Trait:  Love 
Field Trips:
We provide many different “onsite” field trips, and they vary each year.  Typical visits are made from dentists, fire fighters, farmers, librarians, and anyone else who has a special occupation to share.
What the teacher loves about teaching this grade:
I love the spunk Preschoolers have!  They are excited about anything and everything we do!

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  • Posted On : 19 Jun 2015

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