About: Carol Koenig

  • Role : 1st Grade Teacher

Email: ckoenig@mlslions.org

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Koenig Newsletter – May 19, 2023

I was born and raised in the St. Louis area, attending Salem, Affton and Lutheran High School South. I knew at at early age that I wanted to be a teacher, and began teaching Sunday school and VBS while I was in high school. I attended Concordia University-Ann Arbor for two years, then completed my undergraduate education at Concordia University-River Forest. I obtained my master’s degree from Lindenwood University. I have taught just about everything from two-year-olds to sixth graders in four different states!

My husband, Jim, is an accountant. We have two sons. Our older son, Andy, is an architect, and our younger son, Joe, is a web designer/programmer. I have three grandchildren: Tim, Ben, and Alexis. I enjoy working with the children and parents at Messiah. First graders are so eager to learn and do learn so much during the school year. I strive to create a positive Christian environment where the children feel comfortable asking questions, experimenting, and making mistakes as they learn.


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