Q. What is the relationship between Messiah Lutheran School and Church?

A. Messiah Lutheran School is a ministry/mission of Messiah Lutheran Church. As such, our guiding principals will always be aligned with the Church. Our motivation for reaching decisions will be based on what is best for the student body.

Q. How many students are at Messiah today?

A. Enrollment is over 350 students .

Q. What is the average student to teacher ratio at Messiah?

A. As Messiah Lutheran School continues to grow we maintain a low student to teacher ratio by adding teaching support in each grade as the number of students increase.

Q. When was Messiah Lutheran School first started?

A. Messiah Lutheran School first opened its doors in 1996. Its growth has exceeded all expectations and in 2007 a major expansion was completed to accommodate the growing student body and deliver the best educational environment possible for our students.

Q. What is the mission statement or list of core values of Messiah Lutheran School?

A. The mission of Messiah Lutheran School is living to discover and share the love of Jesus Christ through a quality Christian education. We advocate this mission daily by providing exceptional Christian teachers who are passionate about meeting the needs of their students, by providing a warm and caring environment that promotes learning and Christian living, and by achieving high quality learning resulting from effective instruction and relevant curriculum.

Q. Is Messiah Lutheran School accredited?

A. Yes, Messiah Lutheran School is fully accredited through National Lutheran School Accreditation, North-Central Accreditation, and Mission Non-Public School Accreditation. The accreditation team evaluating our school stated that Messiah’s strength is the loving Christian atmosphere, where classrooms are well-managed and faculty and students support one another.

Q. How do Messiah Lutheran School test scores compare to other schools?

A. Messiah Lutheran School annually administers the Stanford 10 Achievement Tests. Messiah recently was named a National Blue Ribbon school based on student performance, culture, programs, staff and curriculum. We were the only private/parochial school in Missouri to achieve this award and only one of 50 nationwide out of over 30,000 non-public schools to be recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Q. What are the minimum qualifications for teachers at Messiah Lutheran School?

A. All teachers at Messiah Lutheran School are state certified and meet or exceed state requirements for educators, including holding Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in Education. Messiah Lutheran School 5911 South Highway 94 St. Charles, MO 63304 636-329-1096 (p) 636-329-1098 (fax) www.messiahnetwork.org

Q. What Pre School and Kindergarten programs are offered by Messiah Lutheran School?

A. Messiah Lutheran School offers preschool programs for children starting at age three. We offer half day, school day, extended school day and full day options to meet the needs of our families and provide the best program possible for the children. Preschool children may attend any of these options 2, 3, 4 or 5 days per week according to family needs. Kindergarten children attend full day.

Q. Does Messiah offer any before-school or after-school child care services?

A. Supervised care before or after school is available for a nominal fee. Parents should contact the school office to learn more about this program. Fees for before school or after school care for preschoolers is included in the extended day and full day option.

Q. What sports or other extracurricular activities are offered by Messiah Lutheran School?

A. In addition to teacher Christian values and delivering a strong academic education, Messiah Lutheran School also strives to support the emotional, social and physical development of our students. A variety of extracurricular programs are available that include Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, school musical productions, and sports leagues for Soccer, Cross-Country, Track, Basketball, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Music programs include Praise Team (vocal), guitar, band, strings and piano

Q. Is Messiah Lutheran School funded by Messiah Lutheran Church?

A. Although supported in part through fundraising and contributions from Messiah Lutheran Church, the large majority of Messiah Lutheran School’s annual income is derived from student fees and tuition.

Q. Is joining Messiah Lutheran Church a requirement in order to enroll at Messiah Lutheran School?

A. No. There is no requirement to be a member or Messiah Lutheran Church in order to enroll at Messiah Lutheran School. Our goal is to support families in their walk of faith by providing a Christ centered education, and when necessary, provide families with a primary source for faith development. Messiah welcomes all families to join us for worship, and for families without a Church home, Messiah invites you to join our Church family.

Q. Are there parents of Messiah Lutheran School students that would be willing to answer my additional questions about their experiences of having children attending Messiah?

A. Yes. A list of parents and their contact information is available to you at the school office that includes parents of children from every grade level. You are invited to contact that to learn about the experiences that they have and their children have had at Messiah.

Q. Where can I learn more about Messiah Lutheran School or arrange a visit?

A. Contact the school office via phone at 636-329-1096 or email via school@messiahnetwork.org in order to request more information or to arrange a visit with our Principal and a tour of the school.





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