There’s no better place I think, for a kid to grow up.

– Messiah Kindergarten Student

In Messiah’s Kindergarten your child will learn…

  • to be a member of a social group
  • to work and play with other children in a courteous manner
  • to develop an interest in books and pictures
  • to follow directions
  • to express himself/herself orally before a group 
  • to listen 
  • to be aware of the wonders of nature
  • to print his/her name in manuscript, to count and to recognize colors
  • to understand the meaning of safety at home, on the streets, and at school
  • to be aware of community helpers
  • to develop good habits, attitudes, and thinking skills
  • to obey the teacher
  • reading readiness
  • mathematic readiness
  • about God’s love through Jesus
  • about how God created and still cares for His creation
  • to pray and worship God


A Word from Miss Lori Hohenstein

loriI love watching kindergartners have such an eagerness to learn and their excitement when they realize they can do it!  I also love the positive, fun energy, love and support from all of the faculty, staff, students, and parents at Messiah Lutheran School.

My personal mission statement as a teacher: As a called servant of Christ, I will use my gifts and abilities that God has given me to help my students grow spiritually, mentally, academically, and physically.


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