Athletic Guiding Principles

We believe that athletics and other extra-curricular activities should be regarded as a vital part of the total educational offerings of our school and an extension of the classroom. We encourage student participation and would like to involve as many students as possible in this experience. All team members, regardless of ability, will be afforded opportunities to develop their work ethic, sense of commitment, and social, intellectual, and athletic skills.

  • The purpose of our athletic program is to provide our students with the opportunity to use their God-given abilities so that they can:
  • Witness their walk with Christ as they experience enjoyment through competition.
  • Develop good personal traits that include a strong work ethic, self-discipline, good sportsmanship, and positive self-esteem.
  • Gain a healthy, competitive attitude and life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and good citizenship.
  • Learn individual and team skill development and habits leading to good personal health and success at the high school level.

Messiah Lutheran School, home of the Lions, is a member of the Lutheran Conference for Greater St. Louis. The following sports are currently offered:



  • Co-ed Cross (K-8) 
  • Co-ed Soccer (Varsity)
  • Co-ed Soccer (JV)
  • Girls Volleyball (Varsity)
  • Girls Volleyball (6th)
  • Girls Volleyball (5th)



  • Boys Basketball (3-8)
  • Girls Basketball (3-8)
  • Girls Cheerleading (5-8)



  • Boys Track & Field (5-8)
  • Girls Track & Field (5-8)
  • Boys Volleyball (7-8)


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