Fine Arts at Messiah

The purpose of our fine art programs is to provide our students with the opportunity to use their creative, expressive God-given abilities.

Top 10 Skills Learned From The Arts

  1. Creativity
  2. Confidence
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Perseverance
  5. Focus
  6. Non-Verbal Communication
  7. Receive Constructive Feedback
  8. Collaboration
  9. Dedication
  10. Accountability



Every student in grades K-8 has a chance to learn art history, art techniques, and explore and expand their creativity thru art.  Each child has God given talent and our art program provides the opportunity to help them explore and grow in their faith and their artistic talents.  The students at Messiah are wonderfully curious and excited about art, which makes teaching them a pleasure!  
Students will use a variety of materials, such as clay, paint, oil pastel, plaster, ink, and wire.  They will explore Art using a range of techniques, including color mixing, origami, sculpture, ceramics, proper watercolor and other painting applications.



From a young age, Messiah students learn how to be comfortable in front of an audience.  Each grade leads chapel once a year with skits and songs.  Preschool has a Christmas Program, as well as K-2nd.  Grades 3rd-5th and 6th-8th each do spring musicals.

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Grades K-8 have music education.  Music is also woven through classroom instruction to help with memorization and other skills.



Students in 3rd-8th grade have the opportunity to participate in string orchestra lessons. Small group lessons will be once per week for 35 minutes on Tuesday afternoons. The typical fee for this type of class is $360 per school year, however, Messiah will be offering this program at a cost of $180 per student, per school year (billed in two installments through FACTS at the beginning of each semester). We are excited to be able to offer these lessons at half of the usual cost! Instrument rental is not included. If you need assistance finding one to rent, Mrs. Holz, our strings instructor, can assist you. Please contact the school office at or Kristin Holz if you have any questions.

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Talent Show

Students in grades K-8th are encouraged to showcase their talents in the annual spring talent show.  Past performances have included everything from comedy to singing, dancing, instruments & jump roping!  Practice your talents and get ready for next year’s show!

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