Guiding Principles for Student Development & Leadership

We believe that extra-curricular activities should be regarded as a vital part of the total educational offerings of our school and an extension of the classroom. We encourage student participation and would like to involve as many students as possible in this experience. All students will be afforded opportunities to develop their work ethic, sense of commitment, social, and intellectual skills.

The purpose of our activities program is to provide our students with the opportunity to use their God-given abilities so that they can:

  • Witness their walk with Christ as they spend time with fellow students outside of the classroom
  • Develop good personal traits that include a strong work ethic, self-discipline, and positive self-esteem.
  • Gain life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and good citizenship.


Faith & Service

The foundation of Messiah Lutheran School is our faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We celebrate and immerse ourselves in this foundatiaon.  Students participate in a weekly chapel service and study the Christian faith throughout their day.  Because of our great joy in the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are called to reflect His love to others.  Students do this in many ways such as: chapel offerings, special collections for local and global organizations, St. Baldrick’s Day, Operation Christmas Child, and many others.  Serving is part of our culture, and it deeply resonates with our students and families.


Academic Bowl

Messiah is entering their third year of participation in the LSAM Academic Scholar Bowl. Scholar Bowl is open to students in 7th and 8th grade. We will hold an informational practice early in the fall for students to become familiar with the rules, question types, and pace of the game, and will then form our team. The team travels to many area schools throughout the fall and winter competing approximately once a month. At the end of the season, our top players are invited to attend the LSAM State Competition in Jackson Missouri. Messiah placed first in the Bronze division at the 2014 state competition, and first in the Silver division at the 2015 state competition!

  • Coaches: Lyn Biesendorfer and Amy Williams
  • Fees: None
  • Eligibility: Any 7th or 8th grader who is interested can join
  • Schedule: Practices begin in November and matches take place in December and January

fellowship of christian athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FAITH + SPORT = FCA Unite your two passions, faith and athletics, to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Coaches, atheletes and fans are answering the call.  God is doing amazing things everyday through thousands of people on teams, in schools and in communities worldwide.

  • Leader: Tim Dwyer


Outdoor Play & Education

At Messiah we recognize the importance of balancing the body, mind & spirit.  Outdoor play & education is an important component of that balance.  We are blessed with a beautiful wooded campus where the rhythm of nature can be viewed and appreciated.  Our K-8 playground features the innovative Fitness Play equipment that strengthens core muscles as the children play.  The preschool playground offers age-appropriate play equipment along with creative spaces for gardening, art & other activities.



Thanks to Lutheran High School St. Charles, Messiah was blessed with the opportunity to take two teams to the First Lego League competition at St. Charles Community College last fall. Plans are well on their way to do this again in 2015! Lutheran High will be delivering their Lego EV3 Robot kits to our school on August 30, and we will hold an evening camp for any students in grades 5 through 8 that may be interested in joining a team. The camp will run from Monday, August 31 through Friday, September 4. During the camp we will introduce many Lego robot components and will learn to use the software to program the robots to perform a variety of tasks. At the end of the week we will form our teams. The teams are limited to 10 students each. Learn more about First Lego League here–

Student Council

Student Council is a group of student leaders from grades 6th-8th!   Students work hard in the summer to complete service hours in many different areas.  During the school year StuCo is responsible for organizing events such as Operation Christmas Child, The Daddy Daughter Dance, The Talent Show, The Middle School Dance, Pep Rallies, National Lutheran Schools Week, and even leading chapel and other various assemblies.  Members take great pride in their school and they work hard to make changes for the benefit of students!

  • Advisor(s): Charlie Brewster and Janelle Thomas
  • Fees: N/A
  • Eligibility: 6th-8th graders.   Summer service hours are required to apply prior to the school year. Students need to fulfill service hour requirement, fill out application and submit letters of recommendation.  All applications and requirements are due by the 2nd week of the school year.
  • Schedule:Two Wednesday hour long meetings per month.  A few weekend night events during the year.

Yearbook Team

The yearbook committee is responsible for the creation of the school yearbook including format, design, and photography.

  • Advisor(s): Lyn Biesendorfer and Jana Brackman
  • Fees: None
  • Eligibility: Any 8th grader who is interested can join
  • Schedule: Meetings begin in February and continue until the end of the school year

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